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Our mission is to drive value for our clients. We are dedicated to providing financial organizations with comprehensive solutions that augment their processes and enable them to improve their efficiency.

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We are a young, nimble FinTech firm specializing in products, services and strategic management consulting. With partners across the globe, our expertise is in the creation of comprehensive solutions designed to help streamline the operations of financial organizations. From custom product development, to strategic consulting, our team is designed to help your organization grow by any means necessary.

Our Team

Our highly-experienced global team brings forth years of experience in technology tools ranging from desktop application development to web and mobile applications. We are highly-motivated professionals with decades of business experience that we bring to bear on all our projects and our solutions.

From software engineers, to UI/UX experts, to business analysts, our team has worn every hat in the industry, and is focused on driving tangible growth for your business




As a sophisticated broker dealer with a global client base, BGC NY needed an equally sophisticated and robust solution to manage our trading operations. By consolidating many of our middle-office functions globally with FinmaxTech, we are able to accomplish those goals and achieve significant operational efficiencies in the process.

Senior Vice President BGC Partners Inc. - Nasdaq “BGCP”


In FinmaxTech, we found a trusted partner who helped streamline our post-trade processing by providing strategic and robust solutions which can meet our current and future needs. FinmaxTech provides real-time solutions supporting our options brokerage business and has integrated flows from order to ticketing, followed by invoicing and collection processes. This has helped us keep track of commissions and execution costs while improving overall operational efficiencies.

Head Trader - Raymond James & Associates


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